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specialising in commissioned work

“I attended a four week course for Beginner Painters which was held every Wednesday from 10am to 2.30 at Trinity Farm. I worked in acrylic, others worked in oil. There were only 6 women on the course and this small number meant that Jennifer could spend quality time which each of us. This was invaluable because the range of both previous experience and skills varied and it meant that she could tailor her tutoring to our needs. We also had group instructions where she demonstrated essential knowledge and skills. I personally found Jennifer well informed and very encouraging which made me feel comfortable and willing therefore to take ‘risks’ in my painting. I would recommend her courses to anyone who would like to either start painting or who wish to extend their knowledge base”.

Lesley Wicks


“I attended Jennifer’s weekly oil painting art classes for beginners this year . I had painted 10 years ago as a hobby , however I was self-taught . The saying “you don’t know , what you don’t know” very much applied to me.  It was a fantastic opportunity to be taught by someone so knowledgeable, experienced and talented.   I feel now I can take on more challenging paintings mainly due to improving my understanding of colour, tone, lighting , blending and layering.  Jennifer has an amazing ability to explain the complexities of painting in a way,  that it all makes sense. She  removed some of the creative barriers for me in her patient , professional and friendly teaching style”.

Jacinta Parry
22 June 2018
Lessons at Trinity Farm  and Jennifer’s home


“I joined Jennifer’s four week beginners course at Trinity Farm.  Although I had painted previously I found learning from the beginning was invaluable, especially the lessons on colour mixing.  I now have the confidence and enthusiasm to carry on with painting again.  I am so glad I took this course”.

Christine Newman


“I attended Jennifer’s art classes last year and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, genuinely knowledgeable, inspiring and encouraging. Everything you would want an art teacher to be.  Under her expert guidance I rediscovered a love of art that had long been buried.  The classes were small so that individual attention was possible, no matter what level or project you were working at, and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed.  And there was cheese and biscuits!”

Vyvien Maffey


“I had always wanted to paint using oil and acrylics but had never had any lessons and was half paralysed by fear and perfection which meant I never started let alone finished any art, despite longing to do so. I ended up booking a term’s worth of night school lessons and was highly nervous at first. However, Jennifer was awesome. She quickly put me at ease and gave me the courage to try new things. She taught me the importance of mixing the correct colours on the colour wheel. I have never forgotten her lesson on the importance of using as little black as possible as nature rarely, if ever, has anything black. At the conclusion of these lessons, I joined an art group that Jennifer hosted in her home. Each person was working on a different art piece – abstract, landscape, waterscape etc. These lessons were even better as she provided each student with 1/2hrs individual tuition each time and plenty of time to paint during the 2+ hour long sessions. I finished two amazing paintings while working with her. Jennifer is warm, real, fun and professional and is able to offer constructive criticism and next steps regarding any artwork. I would highly recommend her as a tutor and / or teacher.”

Deborah Klenner


“Jennifer’s style of tutoring allows individuals to work at their own speed, in their own medium and with subjects that are personally interesting to each person, she has a gift for allowing people’s own painterly style to blossom, for helping them to understand the impact warm and cold in adding depth, and seeing colour in their environment or subject that brings an image to life rather than being limited to the obvious. She ensures that every student has the same amount of personal and uninterrupted attention during each class and will also share a tutoring piece where she believes everyone will benefit from the same guidance. Jennifer is delightful, easy to talk to, listens and creates a very comfortable class environment”.

Pam McCorkindale


“Jennifer Murphy is a fantastic art tutor. I took a class with her for several school terms. I love the way she let us work with our own style. We had a wide range of art abilities in our class and Jennifer would go around us and give everyone ‘one on one’ time to help us develop techniques or give advice on pieces we were stuck with. I would highly recommend Jennifer as an art tutor. Her teaching style is both inspiring and encouraging”.

Deb Blanchard


“I met Jennifer about 6 years ago when I enrolled in a night school art class at Waimea College in Nelson where she was teaching at the time.  Her friendly hands on approach to teaching was quite inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 terms there.  I subsequently joined a private tuition class which Jennifer held at her home with 5-6 students where we were all encouraged to extend ourselves with expert guidance from her.  She is a very talented artist and teacher and I hope any new venture goes well for her”.

Margaret Rawlins


“Jennifer is a wonderful, patient teacher. She inspired me with my painting for 3 years, while I attended lessons with her. I learnt so much and so many wonderful skills because of Jennifer. I continue to paint now days without Jennifer and I think of her often and miss all that knowledge she so readily passed on to her students. Keep painting Jennifer – You have so much to share!”

Val Fleming


“I have worked with Jennifer in the contexts of being her student, as well as providing framing for her original artwork. I always found her to be a very creative, talented visual artist, as well as a very caring and capable art tutor, who provides expert guidance in a supportive manner”.

Glenys Della Bosca


“I fully recommend Jennifer as a painting tutor as my work improved immeasurably when attending her evening classes at Waimea College. Jennifer sets a safe and comfortable learning environment in which to gain painting skills, for beginners to those more experienced. Her own paintings are very beautiful and she is keen to share her many years of experience with others in a delightful and non-judgemental way. Her teaching skills have undoubtedly been an important factor behind the acceptance of my work into Nelson’s Suter Art Society for public exhibition and subsequent sale”. 

Joanne Kouwenhoven


“Jennifer is a great art teacher who gives you the confidence to paint without feeling inhibited. She lets you develop and find your own style/s. I was a beginner painter when I started at night class at Waimea and now paint on a regular basis from home”.

Natalie Auld


“I attended Jennifer Murphy’s painting classes at Waimea College, Nelson, for approximately four years. I have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer as a tutor she is very knowledgeable about painting and art. Jennifer created a warm and friendly atmosphere in the classroom and provided both one to one and group tuition. Most of all Jennifer motivated me and gave me confidence to try new ideas”.

Adrienne Sargent