prolific practicing
artist and mobile tutor

specialising in commissioned work

jennifer murphy   BVA, Dip Tchg (secondary)

I have been an avid artist all my life and have taught Painting extensively for over 17 years – privately, in Secondary schools and via Community Education.

My work is varied in style and content.  These works can be anything from exquisitely compact detailed realism to large bold abstract pieces suitable for corporate display.  When commissioned I look to empathise with, and reflect stakeholders ideas and by this embrace the challenge to produce a piece of work accordingly.

Everyone has amazing ideas and its my job to inspire and help them realise this in the form of a painting.   Tutoring has taught me to be versatile and intuitive; I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I love all types of art in any shape or form. This is the reason I teach in a style that equips learners with the skills to produce what they want; to discover their artistic self; to have the confidence to paint and gain skills to further explore their own art practice independently.

I recognise that art stands alone for what it is but can also appreciate and understand that it could be relevant to the space in which it resides; the ideas and the mood it conveys.

I have previously exhibited in Dealer Galleries but not one to conform, and as my work has been stolen from a dealer gallery, my preference is to use my own gallery and studio to exhibit and sell from.

Depending on the work involved, my artwork can range in price from $60 to $3,000 plus.

I look forward to meeting you.